Justin Bonitz (b. 1990/1991, Massachusetts) is the author of The Mourn. He released the albums along with a series of YouTube videos under the artist name "amnaeon". His most well known video was a metal cover of Ylvis' "What Does The Fox Say", which received a large amount of views on YouTube and got mainstream media coverage in Norway, Ylvis' home country.

Bonitz retired The Mourn and amnaeon due to feeling as if he was valued more for his covers of other artists' songs rather than his own creations. He later started rewriting The Mourn, and released the first installment, "The Awry Ascent" in 2015 under the artist name "Hungry Lights".


Before amnaeonEdit

Bonitz started learning how to play the guitar when he was 10 years old, and started writing music roughly a year later. One of his earliest songs eventually became the song Undefined.

As amnaeonEdit

After amnaeonEdit

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