The "Aphotic Currents" are a series of songs that span all of the albums in The Mourn. Each album has three of the Aphotic Currents, one as an intro, one as an intermission, and one as an outro.


Most of the Aphotic Currents contain notes about the story. Here I have listed all those that contain info in chronological order:

Aphotic Currents 4, from General Reem II

"Introduction to Act I. This story takes place about one year before book III begins.

Aphotic currents are the unseen flow of energy in the universe. It is the absence of light in "space." In our story, the universe has one law, and one law only. It is called The Mourn.

"Those who destroy life must also give life, and those who give life will be destroyed." -The Mourn

What this means is that if you cut down a tree in a forest, you have to plant a new seed in its place. You are then required to give some of your life essence for that seed to grow. It is the constant cycle of life and death; the recycling of spirit or "passive."

However; words are limited to language, and language is limited to species and race. If you speak English, your words mean absolutely nothing to somebody who speaks Spanish. Tones on the other hand are universal. When you are angry, people know through your tone. When you are sad, people know through your tone. Tones are the "universal language." Your dog can understand you through your tone.

That being said, music is composed completely of tones. All tones vibrate at different frequencies, which produces different tones, octaves and pitches. The harmony of certain tones vibrating together sounds absolutely lovely to the ears, while others sound very dissonant; some even ominous. Certain tones invoke certain emotions in you, making you feel a certain way. You can feel vibrations with your sense of touch meaning; you don't just hear tones, you feel them.

As I stated previously, The Mourn is the law of this universe, however; it is not written in text or language. It is written in tones. These tones travel throughout the universe inside of the flow of the aphotic currents, and are received and understood by every single living organism. In a way, every molecule, every atom, your life essence itself is vibrating at a certain frequency, making it a tone.

"When all goes quiet, we are no more." -The Mourn

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